PSD to HTML. Order online: $150 for table-less css. not too bad.

Classic Clips: Bill Gates Chews Out Microsoft Over XP: it stuck me that Bill just realized/knew this???!!! he should try to install Chinese recognition pack for TabletPC. I almost killed myself for that.

Features | Sprout Builder - Create living content: build multimedia Flash online. wow.

STRUCTURE 08: Jonathan Yarmis, AMR Research - GigaOM: "EaaS — Everything as a Service." My first time hearing it.

Predictably / Irrational » Book: I am putting it on my reading list.

Build Beautiful Buttons in Photoshop, Part I [Software Tutorials]: ahh, buttons.

50+ Nice Clean CSS Tab-Based Navigation Scripts: handy CSS tab references.

The Annoying Windows Automatic Updates Restart Dialog - Digital Inspiration: XP's "Restart Now or Restart Later" dialog annoyed the hell out of me today.

Three Questions Your Copy Must Answer to Succeed | Copyblogger: this 3 guidelines also apply to ecommerce conversion

RazorGator - Hard-To-Get Tickets for Concerts, Theater and Sports Events: another site to buy and sell sports and concert tickets.

Tickets at StubHub! Where Fans Buy and Sell Tickets: Juts got _PRINTABLE_ As vs Giants tickets from the site. Cool service.

Book Review - 'The Pixar Touch,' by David A. Price - Review - Interesting book. I need to put it on my reading list.